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Respiratory System: Occupations Asthma

This module is designed for doctors who have never successfully completed the Stream 1 module and do not hold its two accreditations. Accreditation requires you to attend the session and complete the assessment tasks successfully.

Successful completion of the module will lead to the award of Respiratory System and Respiratory System: Occupations Asthma accreditations.

Stream 2 – If you have already successfully completed this module and you want to undertake continuing education, then you are encouraged to enrol in Respiratory system Stream 2 and Respiratory system: Occupational Asthma Stream 2 Module.

Stream 2 modules do not have any assessment requirements, and they will help you improve your proficiency by updating your skills in applying the AMA4 Guides and/or other prescribed assessment methods.


Module information

This module covers assessment of respiratory abnormities using Chapter 5 of the Guides.

It also covers the assessment of Occupational Asthma using an additional set of Guidelines which have been adopted of use the Worksafe and Wrongs Act jurisdictions, but not the TAC jurisdiction.

The module includes:

  • The types of injuries often associated with the three compensation jurisdictions that use the Guides.
  • The Standards to which spirometry is to be conducted for the purposes of assessment using the Guides.
  • The approach to deriving a score of whole person impairment using Chapter 5.
  • The approach to be taken when assessing occupational asthma.
  • The approach to be taken to apportion an impairment score to account for extra pulmonary factors or pre-existing respiratory impairment.
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